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Pennyroyal is a company built out of the desire to build your favorite handbag - even if that means we start from scratch. You can choose from our range of timeless classics, take one of those and make it your own, or bring us an idea and we will design your bag together.

Choose from our line of modern, understated, classically styled bags.  We do not follow trends.  Trends come and go, style is timeless.  We design our bags to be as relevant years from now as they are today.

Make it your own...Want a lunch pail bag in black? You got it! Want a Maureen in gold leather? It's yours for the asking! Need a longer strap, or want an extra one? No problem. We really do want to make your favorite bag.

Have an idea? Bring it to us and we can design your bag together. 

All our bags are made in California to ensure the highest quality.  By using only high quality American leathers we not only ensure your bag will age beautifully and get softer and more subtle with time, we are also supporting American tanneries and local jobs.  

Everything we make is designed to encourage a movement away from the culture of disposable, and a movement towards a culture of quality.  We feel like a handbag is a very good place to start.

We do not design bags for mass production.  Every bag is made to order or in very small batches.





Photos taken by the lovely and talented Debbie Wilson