pennyroyal shop

Pennyroyal is a company built out of the desire to build your favorite carryall. You can choose from our range of timeless classics, take one of those and make it your own, or bring us an idea and we will design your bag together.

We create carryalls that renounce a throwaway society and encourage a culture of heritage. We offer bags you can carry with you to the end of this lifetime, and long into the next.

All of the goods we produce are made in California to ensure the highest quality.

By using only high quality American vegetable tanned leathers, we not only ensure your carryall will last a lifetime – or two - it will age beautifully and garner a lovely and unique patina with use.

Whenever possible, we use Wicket & Craig leather from Curwensville, Pennsylvania. The hides harvested are from cattle raised for meat on the company owned ranch, ensuring nothing goes to waste. You can read more about their leather here.

We do not design bags for mass production.  Every bag is made to order or in very small batches. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

We look forward to collaborating with you. xo





Photos taken by the lovely and talented Debbie Wilson