12.10.11 Made Local Marketplace

I took myself up to Santa Rosa today to the Made Local Marketplace, 531 Fifth Street, which is right down town.  The Marketplace sells just what it says.  Goods made in Sonoma County.  And only in Sonoma County.  Which I think is pretty neat.  So...I drove up the beautiful Petaluma Hill Road with a car full of lovely items from my workshop.  And now, a nice selection of my pillows and bags is on the shelves.  And I couldn't be more pleased.  It is my first time having my goods in an actual brick and mortar store.

The cute little star bag on top is the newest result of my playtime.  I found these red stars in a junk shop years ago and squirreled them away in the clutch I was carrying.  You could say they stayed there because I forgot to empty my bag, but I like to put a more positive spin on it.  So yesterday I was digging through my purses looking for a good size bag to turn some lovely hand dyed fabric into, when what should I stumble upon...the red stars.  Seemed like a match made in heaven.  I have two stars left.  I think I will make variations of the same bag - which is, as you can see above, sitting on the shelf of Made Local Marketplace!  So cool. xoxo