1.4.12 Nuclear

The view from my back deck last night.  It is beautiful, in an eerie sort of way. Which I suppose is fitting - given the 2012 hysteria.  However...I do have some good news regarding the Mayan prediction of doom and gloom.  My Uncle David - who did the first digs of Chichen Itza  and translated the first Mayan-English dictionary - says that all the end of the world predictions are based on the carvings from outside of the temple.  And that if you actually go inside the temple, the rest of the story is reveled in color.  His translation is that we are entering a period - 384 years - of peace and traquility.  So...I prefer to believe him.  He is, after all, an esteemed Ethno Historian.  I am not sure what that is, but it sounds very smart.