1.5.12 Breath

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This time of year, when the trees are bare, I am always reminded of the similarities between the outsides and the insides of our selves.  Both in form and function.  I spend so much time looking for the perfect tree to photograph.  A tree that resembles the wonderful network of bronchial tubes, spreading ever finer into our lungs and delivering sweet oxygen.  But...of course, whenever I do find it, I don't have my damn camera.  So, I decided to take the easy way out and find some visuals on-line.  The middle photo is one of Ruth Asawa's tied wire sculptures.  I am mad for her sculpture.   You can see more of her creations here.  The bottom picture is an old drawing of bronchial tubes.  I flipped it.  I think it is amazing.  Amazing.  This is what I see when I hike through the deciduous oak trees where we live.  Bronchial tubes.  Breathing for us.

Meanwhile, back at the shop - otherwise called, My Corner of the Sitting Room - new hand dyed tote bags coming down the line.  As well as the beginnings of a new line of home goodies.  All variations of the same theme.  I am thinking of adding some airy curtains and some simple throws for getting cozy on the couch with.  The totes will be on etsy soon.  Everything else, alas, will have to wait a couple of weeks.