1.8.12 New goods in the shop

New goodies for you all here.

I have some new goods in the Pennyroyal Etsy shop today.  Which feels good.  And I have lots more coming down the pipeline.  Which feels even better.  I have also updated my website with some nice new pictures.  You can check those out here.    I would like the website to be more like a scrap book.  So the pictures will change depending on my mood or on new things that inspire and excite me.

I had a nice visit at the brick and mortar shop - insert, as always, sitting room - this weekend from a lovely woman.  She came to pick out a present for her sister.  Wow!  Did that feel awesome.  That someone would actually drive here to look at things I have made!  So thank you, Nicola, for being the first person in the shop and for being so amazingly supportive.  It really inspired me to keep going on my new line of rustic industrial goods.  It has taken me a while to get to a place where I am completely driven by the actual work.  But the reactions I am getting to it all are overwhelming.  I feel it happening.  Tee hee.  I am so excited I could pop.  "POP"

Well...for now I am off to my day job.  Stay warm.  Be well.  xoxo