A new line of Pennyroyal carryalls and clutches

I have a new line of carryalls made from my own indigo hand dyed cotton canvas and Horween leather.  Each one has a unique color and pattern.  I am loving them!  I am also now carrying Ambatalia's furoshiki kitchen towels! Which are basically a 31"x31" piece of organic hemp cotton fabric in a lovely indigo striped.  The idea is that you pop the furoshiki in your carryall and that way you will never get caught without a bag again!  Throw everything in the carryall and anything extra in the furoshiki.  Easy peasy.  The furoshikis come with a card showing all the ways you can fold and use them.  Brilliant!

And...a new line of limited edition clutches.  The top two are made from Cotswald Weavers woollen plaid and Horween leather.  They have a nice leather strap that closes with a brass stud.  The plain wool clutch is made from felted wool from our own Woolgatherer Carding Mill right here in Northern California!