Road trip!

Road trip!

You have to say that like a frat boy.  Loud and with glee.

Every year we take a trip to somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  This year we decided on Idaho and Montana.  The yearly trips are mandatory.  We need to get out and be surrounded by nature.  Surrounded by silence.  It hits the recharge button and makes us whole again.  It helps remind of us of what is important.  We get so caught up in the minutia of our daily lives that sometimes we forget to look at each other and say "hello."  Which is just what we were able to do while we were away.  I got to cuddle with the kids - now 15 and 11! - in the back of the car for hours while we toured Yellowstone.  Their heads heavy with sleep on my shoulders and their minds quiet with the vastness outside the windows.

  I am 100% sure I need a house there.  A small old farm house on lots of acres with a creek and horses.  And my lovely little family.


Yellowstone 2


hiking in Montana


Yellowstone 4