best new bags and the Made Movement!




Here are some quick peeks of new bags that will be available at Urban Air Market on September 16th. ย The top one is made from beautiful Horween leather which is made in Chicago. ย It is a nice big bucket tote with an inside pocket out of woollen plaid. ย The leather is butter soft, but nice and thick. ย The second is a Pennyroyal standard carryall with a sturdy leather bottom made from leather fromย Hermann Oak tannery in St Lois. ย It is vegetable tanned and will patina with sun exposure and with use. ย The bottom picture is another fringe-close carryall made from a new super small batch of woollen plaid from Cotswald Woollen Mill. ย I put a little leather pocket on the front - I was thinking lipstick, but you can say Chapstick if you are a guy. ย I only have 3 of these.


And sticking with the Pennyroyal spirit ofย contributing to and assisting in the rebirth of American Manufacturing, a great poster put out by a fantastic company - Made Movement. ย Check them out here.ย  In their words..."Made is a marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing." ย Sweet, right!!! ย And while you are there, check out their shop - Made Collection. ย All sorts of cool things to peruse.

Last but not least - the shop is allllllllmmmmmmoooooooooossssssssst ready. ย Really. ย Swear.

That is it for now - back to the industrial machine! ย Vroom vroom. ย xoxo

more goods, brick and mortar, & computer frustration

ย hemp cotton blend infinity scarf naturally hand dyed with indigo and held together with a little leather tie - here.

and another one - here.

another large tote bag in a dark woolen plaid.ย  This one has a really beautiful fringe.ย  Here.

and my favorite fabric in a very sweet tote.ย  Here.

Some more goods in the gallery.ย  Now...if I could just find an easy way to get the shop up and running!!!ย  To say that the process is frustrating would be putting it mildly. ย However, as of tomorrow you will be able to find my goods at an actual brick and mortar store in Noe Valley, San Francisco.ย  Details...tomorrow.

Be well.ย  xoxo