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more clutches

Another batch of clutches for Urban Air Market - September 16th!

This one is sitting out in the sun to get a nice patina, and also to mold the bottom out a little so you can fit more goodies inside. ย The leather is from Hermann Oaks Leather in St. Louis - which I am completely happy with because, as you know, over here at Pennyroyal we are all about American manufacturing! ย Oh yeah!! ย All the little strings still need to be hand sewn in, but I think ,all in all, it is a good looking and functional clutch. ย Nice and sturdy, too. ย Because you would not want your pretty little night-time goodies to go flying out all over the side walk!

A friend asked me today if I had thought about dying the leather with tarragon or alkanet, which is funny, because I was just wondering earlier in the day if it would be possible to use my favorite dye combination - logwood + iron - to get the leather a nice grey color. ย I am going to test it out next week. ย See what kind of mess I can make. ย Hopefully a beautiful one!

And...I am on Twitter now. ย PennyroyalCA. ย I am still trying to work out the language - and what the heck I am suppose to tweet about! ย But people said I should do it, so what the heck. ย There I am.

Ta ta for now. ย Enjoy the weekend. ย Love your friends. ย Kiss your family.


new wool clutch

A new clutch. ย Made with organic wool that has been naturally hand dyed by me. ย The wool is from Woolgatherer Carding Mill. ย You can read about what they do here. ย Lined with hemp summercloth. ย Little leather straps to tie it up. ย Big brass zipper. ย Approximately 14" wide and 10" high. ย You will be able to purchase one in the new shop next week.

great new photos...

...all thanks to my good friend Debbie.ย  xoxo