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It has been very, very busy around here, therefore, no blogging.  Getting ready for the UniqueSF show was a lot-lot-lot of work.  But, I did it.  And I had a great time.  It was, I would have to say, a success.  One of my bags was even featured in the Unique ad they ran in the SF Weekly.  So that felt pretty good.  I have enjoyed a couple weeks off with the wee ones playing in the beautiful California sun shine and now...back to work.  Starting on the 20th of this month you will be able to find my bags and some home furnishings at Loft1513 in Noe Valley, San Francisco.  And the new site with online shop will be up and running in a couple of weeks.  The online shop will be filled with lots of new designs and some brand new products which I am very happy with.  But, today, I am going to share some snap shots from around our home.  Enjoy the sunshine, wherever you are.

A new chair I have been working on for a while and a large stack of beautiful, over-sized floor pillows with leather handles - one of the new items that will be available in the shop.

2.8.12 Kapital – Japanese Sashiko Fabric Tote

find out more here.

A friend sent me the link for this bag today with the subject "thought of you."  Which is a very big complement.  Thank you a million times over.  I would love to apprentice in Kapital's workshop for a day or two.

So today is the big day...the day I have been mulling over in my head for months - perhaps years would be more accurate.  It may have even been a lifetime.  Today is the day I begin to stitch together the fabric for a the Victorian Parlor chair  which has been sitting in my garage, ever so patiently, waiting for me to get my confidence together to tackle the project.  I know this will be a long process.  I am resigned to the fact that for a stretch of time I will hate my work.  I will feel incredibly uncomfortable and I will want to quit.  I am also resigned to the fact that I will keep sewing.  And eventually, I will reach the point where I look down and smile and know I have created something good.   It always works like that.  The same predictable evolution.  The difficult part is remembering that I have been there before.  Remembering that the discomfort is a natural part of my creative process.  And after getting a bolster of confidence from the Kapital tote above, I have to say, I am quite excited to begin the journey again.


2.2.12 Dub with Strings

What we are listening to over here...sit back...relax...breathe.  And a little bit of what I have been working on.  Terrible photo.  But a really beautiful little pillow.  Will try to take some better shots tomorrow and get it up in the shop.  Goodnight.  Sleep tight.  xoxo

1.20.12 L.A.

Dire Wolf skulls.

Pretty skull vignette.

Wall of Golden Eagle leg bones.  You can see them all here.

Phew!  There has been a lot going on.  Last weekend we took a car trip down to Los Angeles.  Above are some photos I took at the Le Brea Tar Pits.  If you have never been there, they have an amazing museum - if you are into science geek stuff like I am.  You can check it out at the link above.  Well worth the day trip!  We also went to Disneyland.  Yep, that's right.  Disneyland.  It was fantastic.  A tad different than our usual vacations which involve tents and hiking.  Last trip we were snowed in at Desolation Wilderness. Which was also a fantastic trip.  We like to stay well rounded.  Now, onto other news.......................

new tea set,

and new-to-me fabric.

We also visited with family - which is always the highlight.  And while we were there, my Mother in Law gave us a set of her dishes - part of the tea set is shown above - and a huge bolt of vintage outdoor fabric!  Both of which I am absolutely in love with.  So thank you, Rosalie, for not only being incredibly generous, but also incredibly stylish.  So now I get to come up with some great designs for the super groovy fabric - and have a cup of tea while I am doing it!  I am thinking outdoor floor pillows, maybe?  With hand dyed hemp canvas edges in an inky blue/black?  That sounds pretty darn wonderful for outdoor parties.

Finally - the biggest news.  I am, as of yesterday, self employed!  Running Pennyroyal full time.  It was a big decision for the family and would like to say thank you to my incredibly supportive husband for having faith in me.  I am sooooo lucky.  So, to work.  I have some new wool silk blend fabric in the washer ready to be dyed for scarves, or cowls, or whatever my little heart desires, and some already dyed hemp fabric ready and waiting to be embellished in the signature rustic industrial way. we go!


Wait!!!!  I almost hand painted antler pillows were selected to be in an online catalog put out by an interior decorator.  So that was pretty neat.  You can check it out...

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